Your front garden is the first thing you and your guests will see every time you come home. Whether you like it or not, it sets the tone for the rest of your property. A weed-choked, patchy and hole-filled lawn is probably not the first impression you want to make with your front garden.

As the top artificial turf installer in Miami, we love helping people transform their front lawns into spaces they can be proud of. Looking for inspiration for your upcoming lawn makeover? Check out some of our favorite front garden designs!

4 Front Garden Designs Using Artificial Grass

1. Embedded Pathways

First, try creating attractive and intricate paths using paving. If you have a natural lawn, this design is challenging to pull off. For instance, you need to dig up the turf to actually install paving. Once everything is in place, you’re looking at endless weekends pulling out weeds, cleaning and edging the path to keep it looking good.

In contrast, synthetic grass installation in Miami is perfect for front garden pathways. Installers can cut it to fit any path design. Furthermore, you never need to trim the edges to keep it looking neat. In addition, synthetic turf’s weed-resistant membrane will also prevent weeds from choking the path.

As for the paving itself, there are so many designs you can choose from. Some of the most popular paving patterns are herringbone, circular, running bond, interlocking paving and basketweave.

2. Texture Shifts

Next, try mixing up textures and materials in your front garden. While outdoor artificial turf for dogs and landscapes looks fantastic by itself, it looks more impressive combined with other materials.

To execute texture shift effects in your front garden, try lining your lawn’s edges with pebbles or gravel. You can also install a paved path with gravel skirting, then surround it with a sweeping synthetic lawn.

3. Sleek and Classic

If you prefer to keep it simple, go for clean-cut edges complemented by colorful flower beds. You can also create a more homely feel by dotting your front garden with small fruit bushes. To complete the visual layers, add a couple of fruit trees around your synthetic lawn.

4. Synthetic Grass Staircase

Do you have steps leading from the front garden to your house? As a final idea, cover the entire thing with artificial grass. Because artificial grass has a fabric backing, an artificial turf installer in Miami can lay it as easily as a regular carpet.

Artificial grass stairs will amplify the natural ambiance of your front garden. Try complementing it with living plant designs and hang lights to illuminate the entrance at night.

Get Started with Your Front Garden Makeover!

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