Many residents of South Florida simply cannot keep a natural grass lawn healthy and green all year round. It’s not for lack of trying – the area’s harsh climate and short growing season make grass landscaping expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. It’s not surprising, then, that artificial turf is gaining in popularity among homeowners who want a beautiful lawn without all the hassle. As your artificial turf installer in Miami, we’ll make sure your lawn looks great and is low-maintenance, so you can spend your time doing other things.

Before we get started on your lawn, though, here are the top four things we recommend you tell us about your property to ensure everything goes smoothly:

1. If you have pets who will use your new artificial turf

While artificial grass is pet-friendly, dogs can have a significant impact on synthetic grass installation in Miami. For instance, we may recommend pet deodorizing infill under your artificial grass to reduce odor build-up from pet waste. We’ll also help you explore pet turf products that may be a better fit than regular synthetic grass.

2. Any accessibility requirements

Do you have wheelchair users among your friends and family? Is there anyone with mobility issues you’d like to accommodate? Are there senior family members who you’d like to ensure can enjoy your new lawn? If so, we encourage you to tell us so we can install your artificial grass lawn in a way that is accessible to all.

3. Any existing plants and trees you want to keep

Is there a tree that has been around since you bought your home? Do you enjoy the shade of a particular palm tree every day after work? Does your lawn have any old plants you want to hang onto and don’t want to transfer into pots or planters?

If you want to keep some existing plants or trees within the installation zone, we will work with you on that – just let us know ahead so we can plan accordingly.

4. Any present drainage issues

It’s important to tell us about any drainage issues you have on your property that may affect artificial grass for homes in Miami.

For instance, are there dips in your lawn where water tends to pool in the rainy season? Are there parts of your lawn that drain poorly and become extremely muddy when it rains? Do you have any places in your yard where rainwater runoff accumulates and leaves a swampy mess?

Again, we’ll work with you to ensure that drainage and other landscape issues are solved prior to your installation, so your lawn will function properly and look fantastic for years to come.

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