An artificial putting green grass for backyards provides a priceless opportunity to refine your golfing skills. It offers players a convenient way to practice their game without having to drive out to the club or spend much on reserving tee time. Consider these five amazing upgrades to help you achieve the green of your dreams!

Why Synthetic Grass?

For those still on the fence about using real or artificial grass for their backyard green, it pays to understand the various benefits of going with synthetic turf. They include:

  • Minimal Maintenance – Unless you invest in industry-grade equipment or hire a reliable maintenance person, it’s very difficult to maintain golf-worthy natural grass compared with low-maintenance turf.
  • All-Season Playability – Artificial putting greens can be used all through the year, unlike natural grass courses that are shut down during winter and rainy days.
  • Years of Function – Unlike real grass, synthetic turf will never die. It will also maintain its breaks, speed and other crucial play characteristics for years.

These advantages prove that artificial turf is the superior putting green material over real grass. In fact, many pro golfers prefer it for their own courses at home.

5 Unconventional Features for Artificial Putting Greens

Once you’ve decided to install a synthetic green on your property, you need to determine the features you want for your private course. Holes, undulations, slopes and challenging fringes are some of the most common additions to an artificial putting green grass for backyards.

For those who want to go off the beaten path, however, here are some unusual yet amazing ideas:

  1. Lighted Cups

Love playing at night? Give your green a whimsical glow by upgrading your cups with lights.

  1. Sounds

Turn a casual golf game into a party highlight for family and friends. Integrate a WiFi controlled outdoor sound system into your putting green.

  1. Water Features

Step up the challenge by adding water features to create more golf hazards. Got a swimming pool? Consider integrating this concept with your pool area to bring your outdoor spaces together!

  1. Bunkers

Sand bunkers are another great way to sharpen your putting and chipping skill. Talk to your installer about a design that will prevent shots from getting into your neighbor’s property to keep the game safe for everyone.

  1. Tee Box

Not sure if you’d like to turf your entire yard? A small tee box is an excellent compromise. It gives you a mini putting green without taking up the whole lawn.

Design a Putting Green Exactly the Way You Want

At Miami Artificial Grass Pros, we’re committed to helping you create the ideal putting green for your home or commercial establishment. Aside from golf turf, we also supply residential and artificial grass products such as artificial grass for dogs near me. Call us at 786-981-4667 for any question you might have about synthetic turf.