Maintaining a natural lawn is a challenge for dog owners. Unless you’ve decided to confine your canines indoors, you’ll have to contend with dog excrements, digging, and boisterous romps—all of which can wreak havoc to your turf. There’s also the matter of keeping your lawn healthy and lush with fertilizer, pesticides, regular watering, and frequent trimming. If you’re not prepared to commit to a natural lawn, consider covering your grounds with artificial grass for dogs.

Have a Lush, Pet-Friendly Lawn

As an alternative solution to natural turf, synthetic grass for dogs has a lot of amazing advantages for dogs and dog owners. Here are some of them.

  1. A lush lawn all year round

This is the biggest advantage of artificial grass over natural turf. With synthetic grass, you can guarantee that your lawn will look green, even, and healthy throughout the year—no expert lawn development and maintenance required. All you need to do is hire a professional artificial grass installer.

  1. Urine-resistant

Believe it or not, urinating is one of the most devastating ways your dog can wreck a natural lawn. Dog urine can burn grass. It can leave scorched and patchy turf in its wake. It can also affect the soil’s mineral content, making it difficult for grass to grow and thrive. Good thing Miami FL artificial turf is urine-resistant.

  1. Immune to discoloration

Dog urine and excrements can discolor natural turf. Due to the high pH level of dog urine, the stains typically last until the grass is mowed or the soil is fertilized. This won’t be part of your lawn upkeep concerns with synthetic turf. This means that your dog can do its “business” on the grass without causing damage to the surface.   

  1. Low-maintenance

Unlike natural lawn, synthetic turf requires minimal upkeep. Since it’s artificial, you don’t need to water, fertilize, and trim it. You just need to keep it clear of leaves and other debris, brush its bristles frequently, and rinse off dirt and excrements regularly.

  1. Deters pests

Fleas, ants, bugs, and other pests can’t thrive on artificial putting green grass. So, you don’t have to worry about your dog disturbing a well-hidden ant hill or coming home flea-ridden.

  1. Non-toxic turf

Taking care of a natural lawn often involves the use of herbicides, fertilizers, weed killers, and other chemicals—chemicals that may pose harm to your pet’s health. Some of them are fatal to dogs. Get rid of this risk by sticking to pet-friendly artificial turf. Not only does it not require harmful upkeep chemicals, but it’s also 100% toxic free. So, it’s safe for your dog!

  1. Less digging, more playing

Just because your turf is synthetic, doesn’t mean that your dog will lose all interest in trying to put holes in it. Emphasis on the word “try.” Once they’ve established that they can’t dig through the artificial grass, they’ll move on to other ways to enjoy the lawn.

  1. No more muddy paws, dirt tracks, and grass stains in the house

You can’t stop your dog from taking mud baths and rolling around in the dirt; but you can eliminate or reduce the places that they can get dirty in by covering it with artificial grass. It will significantly reduce baths and cleanups after time outdoor.

Treat Your Dog and Yourself

Give your canine companions amazing grounds to explore and let loose without the upkeep hassles that come with the real thing. Cover your lawn with artificial grass for dogs.

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