Spending time in the sun and fresh air is essential for a child’s fitness and overall well-being. As most parents in South Florida already know, however, it can be next to impossible to pry them away from their gadgets. Here’s the trick: make your backyard the most fun thing in your home! On top of that, installing Miami FL artificial turf is the best way to create an exciting and safe play area for your kids.

Why Miami FL Artificial Turf is Ideal for Kids’ Play Areas 

When it comes to improving your lawn, artificial grass is an excellent investment. For instance, its low-maintenance nature means you won’t have to worry about mowing or watering it on a regular basis.

The benefits are even better if you have children at home:

• Artificial grass makes lawns more accessible to kids with pollen allergies.

Many children suffer from grass allergies. The main trigger here is grass pollen, which live lawns naturally produce. It’s worse during summer and spring, which is the peak pollen season. As a result, this can severely limit your child’s ability to play and spend time in your backyard.

Since synthetic turf is made of 100% artificial fibers, it will never produce grass pollen. As a result, it makes your lawn less hazardous for those with grass allergies, especially your children and their friends.

• Synthetic grass installation in Miami reduces the risk of injuries. 

Boo-boos are a natural part of play time, given that kids are endless balls of energy. What you want, then, is to make their play area as safe as possible in order to reduce the chances of injury.

The best way to do this is by installing outdoor artificial turf for dogs and playgrounds. One, it’s as soft as real grass. In addition, it doesn’t get worn out no matter how much children use it, which means no packed, hard ground for them to land on.

In addition, you can add an extra layer of protection in the form of shock pads, which absorb impact and more importantly, gives children a softer landing should they fall from a height such as playground equipment.

• Artificial grass in Miami reduces your kids’ contact with poisonous substances. 

Pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, weedicides and other common lawn care chemicals are necessary for a healthy lawn, but they are also incredibly dangerous to children. Since you don’t need them to treat an artificial yard, you won’t have to worry about your kid’s inhaling, accidentally ingesting or getting exposed to these chemicals.

8 Super Fun Ideas for Your Synthetic Turf Play Area

Aside from being perfectly safe for kids and easy to maintain, there are so many ways to create an amazing play area for your children using synthetic turf. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Make an “invisible” fort by covering a playhouse with artificial grass
  2. Install playground equipment like monkey bars, swings, etc.
  3. Arrange a mini obstacle course
  4. Install a sandbox
  5. Create a crafts corner by arranging mini outdoor chairs and tables
  6. Hang a hammock in a shady corner of your lawn where they can read, nap and relax
  7. Install a splash pad where they can cool down when it’s hot
  8. Install it indoors for green, grassy and unique playrooms!

Run these ideas with your children and see what they think! Better yet, encourage them to share their own ideas about what their dream play area looks like!

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