Miami is a golfer’s paradise, but paying all those fees at the golf range can make it an expensive hobby. Can’t bear to miss a game but want to keep costs down? Hit two birds with one stone by upgrading your backyard with Miami, FL artificial turf putting green!

Own a Golf Oasis

The possibilities are endless with a putting green constructed from synthetic grass. Here are some thrilling benefits:

  • Unlimited customization

One of the most exciting benefits of having your very own putting green is that artificial grass installers can design your course to suit any challenge level, size, or shape. In addition, it will feel, look, and function much like natural grass. No need to worry about the change in surfaces since an artificial putting green’s playability is up to par with traditional courses.

  • More savings

Golfing can drain your pockets since you have to pay for memberships, club dues, and range fees on top of buying golf bags, clubs, and other accessories, not to mention other costs like gas for driving. Installing a putting green for your home eliminates a lot of these expenses. Practice chipping and putting as much as you want without shelling out for fees with Miami, FL artificial turf!

  • Family bonding

Got a budding golfer in the family? Unfortunately, many public courses and country clubs frown upon bringing children in these spaces. Share your love of the game with the rest of the family with a backyard putting green! They can play to their heart’s content, and you don’t have to worry about disturbing strangers around you.

  • Upgrade your backyard parties

Your summer parties will never be the same with a private green. How fun would it be to host a backyard BBQ for friends and neighbors, then invite everyone for some friendly competition on your mini golf course? A private putting green infuses your home with the country club feel without the high costs of going to an actual golfing range.

  • Weather-resistant

A putting green made of real grass is vulnerable to weather conditions. Rain makes it a messy puddle, while drought conditions can reduce it to a patchy, dry, and stained burden on your property. In contrast, artificial putting greens remain in top shape no matter the season.

  • Durable

Today’s artificial grass for dogs is built tougher than ever. It can handle the most powerful strokes, so you don’t have to limit yourself during practice. Pets won’t be able to dig holes in it, and it can also withstand heavy foot traffic without losing its form and looks.

  • Easy maintenance

Unlike real grass, synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance. You just need to rinse it every so often, pick up debris, and give the bristles a quick brush from time to time.

A Putting Green for Every Home

Artificial putting green grass installation makes playing golf more convenient and accessible than ever. Now, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to practice getting a hole in one – do it all in the comfort of your home with a backyard putting green! Call Miami Artificial Grass Pros today and get a FREE quote on your project!