With a high-quality putting green installed by a top artificial turf Installer in Miami, your backyard will transform into a stage for fun-filled, action-packed group golf games. It can withstand foot traffic and golf damage, so you can play consecutive games with as many people as you want without ruining it. Check out these seven exciting games you can play with several people on your backyard green:

1. Horse

Synthetic greens prove perfect for the golf version of Horse. Just like the classic basketball game, a player attempts a specific putt, and if they succeed, the next player must mimic the same putt. Missing the shot earns a letter, spelling Horse ends the game.

Artificial turf maintains a consistent roll and predictable bounce, eliminating variables like weeds or irregular ground that can affect the outcome unfairly. This consistency ensures that each player, regardless of skill level, has an equal chance to replicate a shot, adding to the fun, competitive spirit.

2. Round-Robin Tournament

Organizing a round-robin tournament on your synthetic green allows for high-spirited competition within a large group. Every player takes on every other player, and the player with the most successful putts takes home the victory.

Unlike natural greens, synthetic greens endure heavy foot traffic with ease, keeping the surface in top shape throughout the tournament. It provides the same roll for every player, ensuring the game’s fairness. Plus, the low maintenance of artificial turf lets you focus more on the fun and less on the green’s condition.

3. Bingo Bango Bongo

For a multi-stage contest, try Bingo Bango Bongo. This game takes advantage of the even and predictable ball roll of an artificial green. Points are awarded for the first ball on the green (Bingo). The ball closest to the pin once all balls are on the green (Bango), and the first ball to go into the hole (Bongo).

With each stage, the perfectly maintained surface of a synthetic green complements the objectives, keeping the game moving at a brisk, exciting pace.

4. Longest Putt

Test everyone’s finesse and control with a Longest Putt challenge. An artificial putting green set up by an artificial turf Installer in Miami eliminates irregularities that can influence a ball’s trajectory, leaving only the player’s skill to nail the longest putt.

The synthetic surface provides a perfect roll every time, allowing an accurate assessment of each participant’s power and control. Whether you’re a golf newbie or a seasoned golfer, everyone gets to join in on the fun and practice their long-range putts.

5. Closest to the Pin

Aptly named, Closest to the Pin challenges each player to get their ball nearest to the pin from a specific distance. The task sounds simple, but it requires precision and control.

The uniform surface of synthetic grass ensures that a ball rolls true, leaving no room for the blame game. Only the player’s ability counts here; it escalates the healthy competition as everyone strives for that perfect shot.

6. Putting Relay Race

In a Putting Relay Race, teams balance a golf ball on their clubs, racing from a starting point to a designated hole. The drop of a ball means starting over. This game is a heart-racing challenge to balance speed and precision.

Synthetic turf presents a perfect, flat race course, giving everyone an equal chance at the relay title. The added bonus is the sturdiness of synthetic grass, able to endure the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced relay race.

7. Knockout

Knockout is a thrilling, suspenseful game where players keep aiming for a selected hole. The last one to putt is out, leaving one final player standing in the end.

Everyone has a chance at victory until the last putt and the artificial green keeps the outcome fair with no obstacles or irregularities affecting shots. The synthetic surface maintains tournament-level conditions throughout the game, ensuring a nail-biting finish.

Let the Games Begin on Your Synthetic Putting Green!

Your backyard is more than just an outdoor space. It’s a potential stage for fun, laughter, and friendly competition. A putting green installed by an artificial turf Installer in Miami will turn your yard into an arena for these unique, adventurous group games.

So, seize the moment, reinvent your weekends, and transform your backyard into a fun-filled hub! Reach out to Miami Artificial Grass Pros online or by phone at 786-981-4667 for a free consultation. Let’s take your leisure time to a whole new level!