Having synthetic grass installation increases the value of your home and appeal of your yard, but your project doesn’t have to end there. You can step it up a notch by adding living plants.

Before finalizing the plans with your installer, read on to learn which styles best fit your new turf.

Living Plant Design Ideas to Tryfor Synthetic Grass

Synthetic turf is made to look and feel like real grass underfoot. But having living plants will convince onlookers that the entire garden is natural.

Fall in love with your new blossoming garden when you try one of these installations:

  • Garden Borders

    Borders are the simplest to design with an artificial grass bed. The areas are easy to define and measure, and the turf can be laid out and cut properly to meet the desired size.

    This is your best choice when you plan on installing artificial putting green grass. The plants won’t interfere with your game, but they’ll surely brighten up the mood.

    The borders can be flush with the height of the grass piles or raised depending on your preference. If the existing soil is difficult to plant on, consider adding new gardening soil and installing a raised bed to separate it from the synthetic lawn.

  • Centerpiece Ornamental Plants

    Centerpiece ornamental plants grab people’s attention and are the perfect choice when emphasizing a theme. They also dress up nonliving features like fountains, sculptures and ceramics.

    This option is more complex to install since it has to be surrounded by artificial grass. Plan how much space your centerpiece takes up and cut the turf accordingly.

    Make sure to leave enough room for the roots to spread without growing through the turf sublayers. You can decorate this space with mulch to maintain your aesthetics.

  • Geometric Flowerbeds

    Square or circular flowerbeds with edging stones add color throughout your garden and break the monotony of a sprawling grass lawn. They’re also used to create paths and direct foot traffic.

    Installing them requires more careful planning since you need the exact measurements to cut your synthetic turf. To make sure everything will fit smoothly, plot the flowerbeds first before laying out the grass.

  • Trellis Walls or Walkways

    Trellis walls or walkways don’t have to be installed at the same time as your Miami, FL artificial turf. Placing them over existing paths or walls allows you to keep the turf intact. This gives you more time to plan for them.

    Trellis walls and walkways give dimension to your garden because the plants are grown vertically. Choose either one depending on how much workspace you have.

    Trellis walkways are beautiful additions to event venues since they add charm and elegance, especially when covered with flowering vines. Meanwhile, having thick foliage on a trellis wall matches perfectly with artificial grass since they mirror each other’s texture.

Brighten Up Your Synthetic Grass Garden with Live Elements

Reap the benefits of adding living plants to decorate your synthetic grass installation. With the help of a reliable artificial grass company, you can design your dream garden to get the right dimensions and meet all planting requirements.

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