Ensure high-quality, durable installation of pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs using the best kind of infill. Recommended for all synthetic turf installations, the infill protects the grass’s foundation and makes the lawn springy for pets and kids to play on.

If you’re a pet owner who constantly deals with your canine’s rough play on the lawn, then it is important that you choose your artificial grass infill carefully.

Synthetic turf infill is one of the most significant aspects of artificial lawn installation. The infill is the substance placed in between the fibers of the synthetic grass. It keeps the grass blades upright even after exposure to pressure, and protects the turf backing from UV ray damage. In addition to these two, artificial grass infill has several other functions as well:

• It provides efficient lawn drainage, allowing water to drain off the turf effectively, especially during the rainy season.
• It adds weight to the grass, preventing it from getting wrinkles and ripples caused by movement. This is recommended, especially if you’re using the turf for high-foot traffic areas.
• It provides support against matting down and resulting wear patterns.

Depending on the density and height of the grass, you will need as much as 2 lbs. of infill per square foot. This is to ensure that the grass has the support it needs to retain its shape, stability and uniformity.

Different Types of Turf Infill

Various Miami, FL artificial turf infills are available in the market. The key is to find the grass infill that meets all your lawn requirements. Below is a list of infill options used for pet-friendly artificial grass landscapes:

• Rubber Infill

Rubber is a common grass infill substance, being one of the easiest to install among the infill types. It makes artificial grass feel like the real thing because of its natural bounce. Rubber infill also adds volume to the turf, giving it a fuller and lush appearance. This turf infill is recommended for areas that receive light to moderate amounts of traffic.

• Silica Infill

Silica sand is the least expensive type of infill. It’s why it is highly recommended for commercial turf installations, which cover expansive properties that aren’t used a lot. If your lawn doesn’t receive as much traffic, then this infill option is for you.

The structure of silica infill helps keep the grass blades in an upright position and improve its drainage. In addition, it mimics the impact absorption qualities of the soil to give you the same experience as walking on real turf.

• Envirofill Acrylic

Envirofill is a sustainable solution for a cleaner, cooler and more consistent synthetic lawn surface. It does not require frequent top-off and has antimicrobial protection properties, which prevent the growth of bacteria.

This type of infill eliminates stains and odors effectively, making it the perfect complement to pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs. It also stays cool, keeping the synthetic turf from heating up.

Get Only High-Quality Artificial Turf Infill!

Seal the quality of your lawn installation with the right kind and amount of turf infill. Choose the right product that will help amplify the beauty of your turf and provide additional support to it.

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