Ah, the pool. A backyard oasis for relaxation, fun, and creating memories. But lurking beneath the sparkling surface can be a hidden danger: slippery surfaces around the pool. Traditional grass, while beautiful, can become a hazard when wet, leading to unwanted dips and potential injuries. Residential turf in Miami FL is a game-changer in poolside safety, offering a soft, non-slip surface that keeps the fun flowing worry-free.

Better Grip for Safer Pool Surrounds

Natural grass loves water– a bit too much sometimes. When saturated by rain, pool splashes, or even excited swimmers, it transforms into a treacherous mush. 

Artificial grass for homes in Miami on the other hand, is designed to drain efficiently, preventing puddles and keeping the surface dry and grippy, even after a cannonball splash. This significantly reduces the risk of slips and falls, especially for children and older adults who might be more vulnerable.

A Softer Landing

Let’s face it, accidents happen, even with the best precautions. Should a slip occur, artificial grass provides a much softer landing compared to concrete or pavers. Its cushioned blades absorb impact, minimizing the risk of serious injuries. Additionally, some artificial grass varieties come with extra padding specifically designed for high-impact areas like pool surrounds, offering even greater peace of mind.

Chemical-Free Care

Maintaining a healthy, green lawn often requires chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals can pose health risks and harm the delicate ecosystem of your pool. Artificial grass eliminates the need for such chemicals, creating a safer and more eco-friendly environment for you and your family.

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Traditional grass can become a breeding ground for bacteria, especially when damp. This can be a concern around pools, where hygiene is crucial. In contrast, the non-porous surface of artificial grass doesn’t trap dirt or moisture, making it naturally resistant to bacteria growth. This translates to a cleaner pool environment and less risk of skin irritations or infections.

Leave the Mud Behind

Picture this: you exit the pool, ready to relax on the grass, only to sink into a muddy patch, tracking dirt and debris back into the pool. Not ideal.  Artificial grass eliminates this messy scenario. Its stable surface doesn’t get muddy, even after heavy rain or pool use. This keeps your pool cleaner and reduces the need for frequent cleaning, saving you time and effort.

Unlock More Pool Designs

Natural grass is limited by its organic growth patterns. Artificial grass, however, knows no bounds! Create custom shapes and curves to accentuate your pool’s design, incorporate pathways or islands, or even install artificial grass on sloped areas that would be impossible with real turf. This opens up a world of design possibilities, allowing you to tailor your pool area to your exact vision.

Get a Custom Quote for Pool Artificial Grass

Sun-drenched days by the pool shouldn’t be overshadowed by safety concerns. Ditch the worry of slippery grass and muddy messes with artificial turf! Its soft, non-slip surface creates a safe haven for the whole family, while its low-maintenance nature frees you up for more poolside fun. Contact Miami Artificial Grass Pros to further discuss your options with a local residential turf installer. Send us a message or call 786-981-4667 to get started!