Golfers, both avid and casual, love the idea of having their very own putting green. It enables golfers to start or end their day with a few putts which not only improve their mood but their game as well! If you are considering turning a space in your home into a putting green, we recommend using artificial putting green grass for a next-level golf experience.

Get Technical with Artificial Putting Green Grass

For golfers starting to get serious with their game, investing in a backyard putting green is perhaps one of the best decisions they will make. However, this is not a simple project nor is it cheap. To get the most out of this investment, it is best to use artificial putting green grass. Read on the technical considerations for the best putting green setup below.

Stimp Reading

Stimp reading refers to how fast or slows a golf ball will roll on the putting green. Fundamentally, a stimp rating of 7 means “slow” while a rating of 14 is “lightning fast”. Most putting greens are at a 9 or 10 rating. Nowadays, knowing the stimp rating is an important consideration because it helps anticipate the difficulty of a course.

Stimp reading can be easily manipulated with artificial putting green grass. Make the golf ball roll faster or slower with the choice of material or the amount of sand infill used in the putting green.

Face weight

The weight of the turf per square yard is known as face weight. Basically, higher face weight means there are more materials used on artificial grass. In addition to being an indicator of density, face weight is also an indicator of durability. A higher face weight conversely means higher durability.

The face weight of most available artificial grass for homes in Miami ranges from 30 to 90 ounces per square yard. The ideal face weight for putting greens is between 40 and 60 ounces.

Pile Height

Simply put, pile height is the length of the artificial grass blades. This is an important factor for a synthetic grass installation because the goal is to simulate how a golf ball would normally roll on a golf course. Short pile height is ideal for a putting green.

Take note that putting greens should have low pile height for a golf ball to roll true. A higher pile is good for comfort but it makes putting difficult. It will feel like you are playing on tall grass.

Bring Your A-Game with Artificial Grass

Now you know the important technical aspects of artificial grass that help improve your putting green experience. Be able to customize putting greens to your heart’s content with artificial grass. Make any backyard putting green setup more challenging and unique by manipulating these characteristics of synthetic grass.

For best results, get professional help in designing and installing synthetic grass. Call Miami Artificial Grass Pros at 786-981-4667 to get a free quote!