Nothing beats a pristine lawn. But as you probably know, lumps can form over time and make the turf uneven. These bumps are not only unsightly but also risky because they can trip people and cause tumbles. Fixing them takes a lot of work and there’s no guarantee that they won’t return. If you’re looking for a permanent fix, Miami, FL artificial turf is for you.

Causes of Lawn Lumps (And How Artificial Grass Solves Them)

Let’s take a closer look at the things that can cause bumps to form in lawns and how synthetic turf prevents them.

Natural Settling

When the ground under a natural lawn settles over time, it can cause bumps to form on top of the grass. This is because the soil has been compacted and pushed up by years’ worth of weight from cars driving over it.

Miami, FL artificial turf is made out of materials that are flexible and soft. So once the ground settles into place, the turf simply absorbs the movements without creating bumps or ridges.

Heavy Lawn Care Equipment

Heavy equipment like mowers and edgers can cause damage to the surface of your lawn over time as well. Their weight compacts the turf over time and creates hard spots. Their blades can also tear at the grass roots, resulting in dead patches on top of the natural lawn.

Artificial grass is made out of polypropylene fibers that won’t tear easily. It also stays short and neat, so you can retire your lawn mowers, edgers and other heavy equipment.

Uneven Thawing After Winter

When the ground freezes and then thaws, the soil releases water unevenly. This leaves some areas soggy and others dry, which can result in water-logged lumps in lawns. It’s a common sign when spring rolls around.

Artificial grass for homes in Miami doesn’t have this problem. Its consistent surface means that it won’t absorb water unevenly or form lumps from uneven thawing after winter. Its synthetic fibers can freeze over winter, but they’ll thaw without any issues come spring. They don’t retain moisture, so you don’t need to worry about them getting soggy.

Bad Weather

A heavy rainstorm can flatten or sink an area of the lawn. This is because when rain falls on a thick layer of mulch, it compresses and pushes up against the grass underneath it. As the grass dries, it will return to its normal height but leave behind a sunken patch of dirt where it was pressed down by waterlogged mulch.

Synthetic grass doesn’t have this problem because it has excellent drainage. Moreover, unlike natural turf, it doesn’t absorb and retain water. Any moisture that hits its synthetic grass blades automatically slips down to its permeable backing.

Invest in a Synthetic Grass Installation in Miami and Enjoy a Lump-Free Lawn

If you’re tired of dealing with lumps on your lawn, we’d love to help!

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