In a tropical place like Miami, the temperature can rise to 90 degrees F during summer. Fret not. By installing synthetic grass outside, you, your family, and even your furry friends can enjoy the wide-open space no matter the season! Is your lawn summer-ready? It’s time to make the switch to the finest artificial grass for dogs and make your synthetic lawn a comfortable place to hang out or play any day of the year!

Why Invest in Synthetic Turf this Summer

Still not ready to give up your stubble-filled natural grass lawn?  Here’s why investing in artificial grass for your open space will serve you better this summer:

    • Have a hangout place the kids
      Since summer is in full swing, kids would love to spend their vacations running and playing around. The good news is that artificial turf is non-allergenic. Now you won’t have to worry about letting your kids bathe under the sun and play around all day long. Synthetic grass is also soil- and mud-free, so kids can hang out with no fear of getting dirty or contracting dirt-related diseases.

    • Host summer parties
      Holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are a great opportunity to show off your well-manicured lawn to friends and family. Do you have friends who like to play golf? Excellent artificial putting green grass is the perfect option to get their rounds in. With an 8-year warranty, American made artificial grass will give you peace of mind, knowing you won’t have to mow it.

    • Throw a summer party for your furry friends in the neighborhood
      Having a space for entertaining your folks is a good call. Whether it’s showing off their new trims or just for an innocent game of catch, entertaining pets around the neighborhood has never been better.

      Choose a turf with excellent drainage properties for urine, antimicrobial agents for odor minimization, and blades that are soft to the touch — and have your pets rolling on the ground.

    • Have a vibrant green yard all year round
      Never leave the sprinkler on all day long again just to keep the grass looking fresh! Synthetic grass stays cool and composed even under the heat of the Miami sun. The artificial grass’s evergreen look and feel will surely give you summer vibes whatever the season.

Make Your Lawn Summer-Ready Today!

To ensure all of your family, friends, and neighbors have a good time at your place, have only the finest Miami, FL artificial turf installed at your home. 

Miami Artificial Grass Pros will help you get only top synthetic coverings for your spaces. Expect hassle-free lawn that is toxic-free, plus a durable landscape turf that is a top draw for any visitor. Contact us now at 408-317-0931 for a FREE quote on your lawn’s synthetic grass beautification.