Getting Miami, FL, artificial turf for landscapes will not only beautify your yard with lush green grass; it will also transform your grounds into the perfect pet hangout. Dogs need to go out and stretch their legs regularly and a synthetic lawn is an excellent venue for them to enjoy the sun. It’s also the perfect solution to avoiding natural lawn care practices and issues that put pets at risk.

How Synthetic Grass Promotes Pet Safety

Ensure the safety of your dog when they play on your lawn. Switch to artificial turf. Here’s how synthetic grass helps keep your canine companions safe during outdoor romps:

  • It is made from non-toxic materials.

Although early versions of artificial grass used to contain lead, a hazardous chemical, improvements in turf design and technology have eliminated its use completely. Synthetic grass is now made with eco-friendly materials and is 100% lead-free.

In addition, there has been concern about the use of crumb rubber infill and its potential danger to pets. Experts have disproved this. A study revealed that crumb-rubber infill poses no risk to pets. With these assurances, you can let your pet run freely on your turf without the fear of exposing them to toxic elements.

  • Its grass blades are soft to the touch.

Because of cutting-edge technology, pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs looks and feels like natural grass. Its grass blades are soft to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about it hurting paws. It is also resistant to trampling, which means that even the most boisterous dogs can’t damage it easily.

High-quality artificial turf usually has a warranty of 8-15 years, so you can be assured that it will last a long time. Your pet can enjoy its soft, green grounds for years without wearing away its surface. 

  • It does not attract pests.

Ticks, fleas and other insects are the bane of many pets’ outdoor experience. They commonly inhabit natural grass, which is why most canines tend to come home with flea problems after playing. Solve this problem with artificial turf.

With synthetic grass, your lawn may evoke the feel of a natural landscape without attracting insects, unlike its natural counterpart. As a result, your dog is spared from itchiness and irritation that these pests bring.

  • It does not require harmful chemicals for maintenance.

Natural grass needs fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides and other chemical solutions to remain green. The problem? Most of them are made up of materials that are detrimental to both plants and animals. Miami, FL, artificial turf for landscapes does not need any of these harmful chemicals to thrive and maintain its looks.

  • It is fitted with proprietary drainage.

Dogs will always urinate in whatever yard they are in. Dog waste is a peril to natural yard upkeep. Not only is it unpleasant and unsanitary, but it’s also damaging. Dog urine is acidic enough to burn the grass. It’s also troublesome to rinse off the soil.

Artificial grass’s proprietary, permeable backing ensures that the urine goes straight into the infill and down into the soil. The turf also has zero absorption, which sees to it that the urine’s odor is eliminated. This allows you to keep post-romp cleanups to a minimum.

Give Your Dog a Safe Play Space

With artificial turf’s chemical-free components and toxic-free upkeep requirements, you don’t need to worry about your pet’s safety. They also won’t miss out on the feel of natural grass with its soft, realistic blades.

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