Golf players can be broadly categorized into several skill levels, ranging from beginners to professionals. No matter your level, Miami, FL artificial turf can help you build a backyard putting green that suits it. Let’s explore the different levels of golf players and how you can design a course that suits each.

Golf Beginner

Beginners are new to the game and have limited experience or knowledge of golf. They typically have a high handicap (a numerical representation of a golfer’s ability) and may struggle with consistency in their swing, shot accuracy, and course management.

If you’re a beginner, these putting green ideas are for you:

  • Focus on simple hole placements to develop your putting skills and build confidence.
  • Integrate wider pathways, so you’ll have plenty of room to move around the green without feeling restricted.
  • Implement visual aids, such as alignment lines or markers, on the putting surface to help you work on your alignment and aim.

Golf High Handicap

High handicap players have some experience but still struggle with various aspects of the game, such as swing mechanics, club selection, or course strategy. They often have a handicap of 18 or higher for men and 24 or higher for women.

If you’re a high handicap golfer, consider these putting green ideas:

  • Introduce some mild slopes and breaks to improve your green reading skills.
  • Add a chipping area with a slightly longer Miami, FL artificial turf to practice shots from the fringe to refine your short game.
  • Integrate a few uphill and downhill putts to hone your speed control and understand how slopes affect ball roll.

Golf Intermediate

Intermediate golfers have a mid-range handicap generally between 10 and 18 for men, and between 15 and 24 for women and can occasionally achieve pars or even birdies. They have improved shot accuracy and can manage different types of shots, but they still have areas for improvement.

If you’re an intermediate player, these putting green ideas might help you:

  • Incorporate multiple hole locations with varying difficulty levels for diverse putting experiences.
  • Design subtle contours on the putting surface to practice reading more complex greens and use different techniques.
  • Create a “ladder drill” area with multiple holes at increasing distances, so you can practice distance control and consistency.

Low Handicap

Low handicap golfers are highly skilled amateur players with a strong grasp of golf fundamentals. They have a handicap of 9 or lower for men and 14 or lower for women. These players consistently hit accurate shots, have solid course management skills, and can recover well from challenging situations on the course.

If you’re a low handicap player, add these ideas to your synthetic grass installation in Miami:

  • Install a bunker or sand-filled practice area, so you can work on your bunker shots and overall short game versatility.
  • Design a “gate drill” zone, where you must navigate your putts between two alignment sticks or markers to refine accuracy and consistency.
  • Incorporate a “lag putting” practice area with long putts, so you can work on speed control and touch from greater distances.

Scratch Golfer

A scratch golfer is an elite amateur player with a handicap of 0 or better, meaning they can consistently play even with the course par. Scratch golfers have exceptional ball-striking abilities, advanced course management skills, and a strong short game. They often compete in high-level amateur tournaments.

If you’re a scratch golfer, these putting green ideas are for you:

  • Integrate more challenging slopes and undulations to the putting surface, simulating the complex greens found on professional golf courses.
  • Offer a variety of hole sizes, including smaller diameter holes, to sharpen your precision and accuracy on the putting green.
  • Install an area with simulated “tournament pins,” replicating the challenging hole locations found on professional golf courses during tournaments.


Professional golfers are the best of the best, making a living by playing in professional tournaments. They typically have a handicap of +2 or better, indicating that they play on average two strokes better than a scratch golfer.

If you’re a professional golfer, consider these putting green ideas:

  • Design the putting green to mimic the conditions of professional golf courses, including faster green speeds and more challenging hole locations.
  • Create a larger practice area that simulates various distances and angles, providing a comprehensive practice experience.
  • Integrate a “blind hole” section, where the hole is not visible from the starting point, to challenge yourself to rely on your feel, intuition, and green reading skills.

Ensure Your Putting Green Caters to Your Skill Level

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