Between committing to a tedious upkeep routine and fighting off pest infestations, Florida lawn owners have their work cut out for them. The challenge only gets worse with the prevalence of lawn diseases in the area. Replace your natural turf with artificial putting green grass to keep these nasty infections off your yard!

Devastating Diseases that Plague Natural Lawns

The humid, sub-tropical climate of Florida makes it a hotspot for various lawn infections. Some take days to manifest while others can take over a yard overnight. Treating them is a costly affair, either requiring the application of expensive grass care solutions or the removal of the infected areas.

Here are some of the most common grass diseases that afflict Florida lawns:

• Gray Leaf Spot

Gray leaf spot is a fungal disease that causes grass to become thin and develop brown spots. While it typically infects St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass, centipede grass, ryegrass and tall fescue can also develop it. It is generally caused by overwatering. Invest in a synthetic grass installation, and you’ll never have to deal with this disease again.

• Brown Patch Fungus

Typical among Zoysia and St. Augustine grass, brown patch fungus develops when high humidity combines with intense heat. It leaves brownish-yellow irregular patches on yards that range from six inches up to several feet in diameter. Brown patch fungus treatment involves the removal of nitrogen-based fertilizers from your upkeep repertoire and the application of targeted fungicides. 

• Rust Fungus

As its name implies, this fungal disease leaves grass looking “rusty” with orange powder. Typically caused by overwatering, rust fungus forms in shaded areas where moisture doesn’t evaporate fast. It can leave the turf susceptible to other fungal diseases. Rust fungus treatment may involve the application of botanical fungicides and pesticides.

• Dollar Spot Fungus

Dollar spot fungus starts as a patch no bigger than a silver dollar, which rapidly multiplies and kills grass. Signs of infection include straw-colored lesions across grass blades or downward from the grass tip. There is no known cure for dollar spot infection. Once it takes root, the only way to mitigate its effects is to remove the infected turf and replace it with new sod.

How Artificial Grass Prevents Lawn Diseases

Since artificial putting green grass is not alive, it’s not susceptible to lawn diseases. It also serves as an additional protective layer for the soil, which helps stave off fungi growth.

Synthetic turf comes with an efficient drainage system, effectively eliminating excess moisture after rinses and rain. It dries fast, especially when under the sun.  The absence of standing water and damp conditions also mitigates the development of lawn diseases in the general area.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Lawn with Artificial Grass

Spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time on turf care when you invest in Miami, FL artificial turf! Aside from fungal diseases, it also solves the following lawn issues for good:

• Holes due to pet digging

• Pest infestations

• Weed infestations

• Uneven grass growth

• Reliance on toxic landscaping chemicals

For a top-quality installation, entrust your project to Miami Artificial Grass Pros. Our experienced installers only use premium synthetic grass and accessories to ensure the flawless installation of your new lawn. Call us at 786-981-4667 today for a FREE quote!