A dog’s life is an adventurous one. From running through the yard to playing fetch with their favorite humans, dogs are always up for a good time! However, all of these outdoor activities come at a cost when they happen on a natural lawn. For instance, dogs can easily pick up something dirty on the ground and bring it into your home. They can also come into contact with serious dangers like ticks, parasites and poisonous weeds. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can protect your pet better with the help of outdoor artificial turf for dogs:

  • 1. Keep your dog away from poisonous weeds and plants

    Artificial grass is inhospitable to most plant life unless you include them in the installation design. This reduces the chances of your dog coming across stray weeds and plants, many of which can be poisonous if eaten.

  • 2. Protect your dogs from pests

    The blades of artificial grass are too tough for animals like snakes and spiders to get through. Not only can they scare your dog, but they can also injure your pet if they attack.

    Next, synthetic grass protects your dogs from all sorts of pests that can hurt or injure them. For instance, artificial grass doesn’t attract bees, ants and other bugs that are commonly drawn to a natural lawn. No poisonous slugs, snails and worms either, all of which look like tasty snacks to curious pups!

    On top of that, artificial turf is one of the best ways to protect your dog from fleas and ticks. These pests love real grass, because it offers them a safe place to lay eggs, reproduce and hide in– none of which are available on a synthetic lawn!

  • 3. Avoid triggering your dog’s grass allergies

    Dogs who suffer from allergies caused by pollen in natural lawns can finally get relief on artificial turf, which doesn’t produce allergens at all.

  • 4. Keep your dog safe from toxic lawn chemicals

    Natural lawns are full of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides that dogs (and humans) can come in contact with while in the backyard. These substances have been shown to cause adverse effects in both people and pets, ranging from allergic reactions to skin irritation.

    If ingested, these substances can have even more devastating effects. For instance, dogs can get diarrhea, start vomiting or sustain life-threatening injuries through severe exposure or ingestion.

    This danger does not exist on Miami FL artificial turf, simply because you’ll never need to treat it with the usual lawn care chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and weed killers. As a result, your dog can play all day long on your synthetic lawn without fear of becoming ill.

  • 5. Remove potential soil hazards from your lawn

    Some pet owners are not aware of this, but soil also poses significant health hazards to your pet. For example, constantly wet soil brings a slew of dangers, such as toxic bacteria and fungi. It’s also home to countless parasites and insects, most of which can quickly infect a playing puppy. Mold and mildew, which can kill your grass and trigger respiratory issues in humans and animals, also love damp soil.

    Our artificial grass installers solve this by removing several inches of soil during ground preparation. Under the turf itself, we install a porous backing capable of draining several gallons of water a minute.

    The result? A lawn surface that doesn’t remain damp, therefore removing the right conditions for bacteria, mold, fungi, mildew and parasites to thrive and pose a risk to your dog.

  • 6. Lower the risk of injuries from grass blades

    Grass blades from natural lawns could poke a dog’s eye much more easily than blades from artificial turf. In contrast, perfectly-even artificial turf fibers are designed to be safe for all dogs. They won’t easily hurt your dog’s eyes, no matter how rough they run around the yard or jump up and down.

    This is also true of sharp objects that might puncture paws or other body parts – such as rocks, sticks, etc., almost all of which are removed during synthetic grass installation in Miami.

  • 7. Reduce the risk of slips and falls

    Artificial turf also provides better traction than natural lawns so you don’t have to worry about your dog slipping on wet surfaces.

    In addition, many natural lawn surfaces have steep hills which can cause a slip or fall for dogs with a shorter stride. This is a serious injury that can cause life-threatening injuries to your dog and leave them with permanent disabilities such as paralysis. The slopes in an artificial turf lawn are not an issue as the blades are less slippery when wet compared to natural grass, so it’s safer for dogs of all breeds.

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In many ways, dogs are much safer on a synthetic lawn than they would be on a natural one. There’s much less chance of ingesting toxins, getting injured by pests and debris, and coming into contact with dangerous bacteria. This also creates a safe outdoor space for you, your family and any guest you welcome into your yard.

Finally, we know you still have a lot of questions when it comes to synthetic turf for dogs and we’d be happy to answer all of them! Call us at 786-981-4667 or send us a message with your question and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!