Not all artificial grass lawns are made equal. Their difference typically comes down to two things: the quality of the turf material and the skills of the grass installer. Make sure both are top-notch. Invest in high-quality synthetic grass installation solutions for green spaces that are a cut above the rest!

Qualities of a Top-Quality Artificial Turf Installation

A well-designed synthetic grass landscape is the envy of many. It stays lush, even and green throughout the year without most of the upkeep required by its natural counterpart. With artificial turf, you can say goodbye to mowing, watering, mulching and weeding; and hello to more quality time on the lawn with your family, pets and guests!

All synthetic turf installations offer pristine looks and simplified upkeep. However, only those that are made with top-quality grass and installed by a turf expert provide the following benefits:

  • They do not allow weed growth.

Weeds can be a very destructive presence in lawns, sucking the nutrients from nearby plants and grass. It’s why a lawn often loses its lush qualities once weeds invade its space. With installations made with the best Miami, FL artificial turf, there is no space for weeds to sprout. The backing is firmly planted on the ground, making sure no weeds can sneak in.

  • They blend in well with the natural grass in the area.

Not all artificial turf assimilates well with the grass in the community. Some look out of place because of their blatantly synthetic make or color. High-quality artificial grass closely mimics what’s common in the area, so you don’t have to worry about having a lawn that’s awkwardly different from your neighbors’.  

  • They do not have any bumps or edges.

Natural residential lawns are subjected to foot traffic and weather conditions that leave divots, unkempt patches and chipped grass. A high-quality synthetic yard, on the other hand, retains its even structure and gorgeous grass design even after constant use. Have no qualms about hosting parties, playing sports and placing heavy equipment on your lawn ever again!

  • They drain liquids effectively.

Thanks to advancements in technology, high-quality synthetic grass installation now comes with a permeable backing for efficient drainage. It transfers liquids from the turf down to the base layer and the water table. Most grass backings are perforated with holes that measure only half a centimeter, allowing them to drain more than 30 inches of moisture per hour.

Get a Top-Notch Synthetic Grass Installation Now!

With a high-quality synthetic turf installation in your house, you will hardly miss having a natural lawn. The exceptional traits of artificial grass guarantee peace of mind and easy upkeep to any homeowner. Get a gorgeous yard for your home that your family and pets will love!

Call Miami Artificial Grass Pros today to get a lawn of the highest quality. Our team of experts can create manicured, customized landscapes for your house at very reasonable rates. Whether you require an artificial putting green grass installation or a lush synthetic turf lawn, you’ll be sure to get the best outdoor space designs in town! Call us now at 786-981-4667 to get a FREE quote on your grass project.