Stones are an excellent way to level up synthetic grass installation in Miami. Both don’t need water, helping property owners keep maintenance costs at a minimum. They’re also amazing for their immediate dramatic effect, breaking the solid consistency of grass beds. Talk to your installers about incorporating these beautiful landscaping stones into your synthetic yard design!

3 Eye-Catching Landscaping Stones to Try

While you have many stones to choose from, there are three specific types that pair best with artificial turf:

1. River Rock

Also known as pebbles, river rocks have been naturally smoothed by water. This gives them a rounded, polished surface that comes in many colors.

River rocks add a contrasting feature to Miami, FL artificial turf. Their curved edges pair well with the jagged roughness of the grass blades, creating a balanced appearance.

2. Decomposed and Crushed Granite

Composite plastic edging shares the installation process and most of the benefits of timber edging. However, unlike timber, it doesn’t rot. It can last up to 25 years or more depending on the quality of its material.

3. Boulder

Boulders are the biggest stone features you can add to your lawn. They come in many shapes, textures and colors. This versatility gives property owners the power to customize the design as they wish.

This landscaping rock can be used as a garden centerpiece. In the middle of an immaculate synthetic turf yard, it creates a bold statement with its massive, unyielding surface. You can also subtly texturize flowerbeds and ponds by installing different-sized stones.

3 Stone Landscaping Applications for Synthetic Lawns

Designers can install landscaping stones in many ways. But your artificial turf will benefit from the following applications:

1. Edging

Artificial putting green grass and synthetic gardens need to be secured at the borders with edging material. Aside from the crisp line it gives, it keeps the grass layer in place in yards with high activity and foot traffic.

The edging can be flush with the blades or higher to surround flowerbeds. Use river rocks or boulders depending on the height you desire.

2. Paving

Paved walkways and slabs protect your artificial turf garden from creasing due to foot traffic. Granite gravel is the best choice for this application since it covers the surface completely. Boulders can also be shaped to create stepping stones spaced evenly on your synthetic grass lawn.

3. Mulch

River rock and granite gravel are perfect for mulching because of their size. They help natural plant beds retain moisture during hot days. They also block sunlight, preventing dormant weeds from emerging and ruining the surface of your artificial turf.

Showcase the Beauty of Stone on Your Synthetic Grass Lawn

Landscaping stones add function and beauty to artificial turf yards. With these ideas, you can apply a rustic or modern theme that will refresh your outdoor space. Call Miami Artificial Grass Pros today at 786-981-4667 for more landscaping features you can incorporate with your synthetic grass installation!