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Aside from being a great, paw-friendly surface for petscapes, green artificial grass for dogs is also the perfect potty training flooring. Unlike its natural counterpart, synthetic turf is dirt-free, effectively dissuading your dog from digging whenever he needs to go. In addition, pet urine won’t soak and stay on top of the turf thanks to its proprietary drainage system. Cover your potty training area with artificial grass for a hassle-free housetraining experience!

3 Steps to Potty Training Your Dog on Synthetic Turf

Whether you’re housetraining a puppy or an adult pooch, the principles of potty training stay the same. Follow these easy steps to teach your canine to stick to a single spot when pooping and peeing:

  1. Designate a space for potty training.

Choose a spot for housetraining outdoors and cover it with artificial grass.

Define its boundaries. Examples of fencing material you can use include wire garden fencing, clotheslines, rope and stakes, and chicken wire. With a physical border, your dog will learn that the area serves a specific purpose.

  1. Escort your dog to the designated spot regularly.

When your potty training area is complete, it’s time to train your dog to go over to that spot whenever they needs to go. Accompany them there with a leash. Once they’re accustomed to the area and associated it with pooping and peeing, teach them a verbal command to go there.

  1. Repeat step two, but leave your dog unescorted.

Observe your pooch. Don’t escort them the next time they needs to go to the designated area to poop and pee. Just give them the command to go there. If they got confused, clap your hands. Give them a reward later if they followed your prompt. With continuous training, your dog will be able to master going to the same spot with or without prompting.

Cleaning Up After Potty Training

Miami FL, artificial turf makes cleaning up after your dog more convenient. If you’re dealing with solid waste, let it dry out first. Then pick it up with a piece of paper and wipe off its traces. Hose off the area afterward.

If you’re dealing with pee, rinse the affected area. To get rid of lingering odors, use a soap and water solution before rinsing. Do the same for solid waste. Inspect the turf at the end of the day. Make sure there is no leftover residue from your dog’s activity.

Have Worry-Free Potty Training with Synthetic Turf!

Potty training your pet is a challenging but fulfilling task. Minimize the cleanup hassles of this essential chore with the best artificial grass for dogs. Trust Miami Artificial Grass Pros for all your synthetic turf needs. Invest in our artificial grass to get the following benefits:

  • No tracking of dirt, mud and grass stains into the house
  • No urine left behind thanks to 100% permeable proprietary drainage
  • No chipped or torn grass blades
  • No toxic materials to harm your dog

Get expert installation and first-rate synthetic turf with Miami Artificial Grass Pros. Our well-trained installers are more than happy to assist you with your projects —whether it involves a patio installment or an artificial putting green grass. Call us at 305-547-9849 for a FREE quote!