When considering artificial grass installation for your home or commercial property, one important factor that impacts the look, feel, and longevity of the turf is something called “face weight.” 

Simply put, face weight refers to how much the actual grass blades weigh. Understanding what face weight means and how it affects artificial grass can help you choose a product that looks lush, natural, and lasts for years with proper care.

What Is Face Weight?

Face weight measures the weight in ounces of the yarn and backing used to make one square yard of artificial grass. It gives an indication of how substantial the artificial blades are and how densely packed together they are. Standard artificial grass face weights range anywhere from roughly 40 ounces per square yard on the low end to over 100 ounces per square yard for high-end turf.

Higher Face Weight Means a More Realistic Look

The face weight significantly impacts the quality, thickness, and realism of the grass blades. A product with a higher face weight tends to use more yarn per square yard. Resulting in fuller, softer blades that seem more natural. Lightweight turf with a face weight on the lower end often appears thin, flat, cheap, and fake. It lacks the lush vibrancy of real grass. Going with a face weight of at least 60 ounces and ideally over 80 ounces makes for beautifully realistic, high-quality artificial lawns and landscapes.

Beyond Just Looking Better, It Feels More Realistic

In addition to having a lush, full appearance, higher face weight grass also feels softer and bouncier underfoot. The heavier turf has more thickness and springiness, cushioning your feet much like walking on a real lawn. Kids and pets can play on it comfortably. And nothing beats running barefoot on a hot day over thick, squishy fake grass!

Durability and Longevity Go Up with Face Weight

While costlier initially, artificial grass with higher face weights provides durability and longevity that make up for the higher price. More ounces per square yard generally indicate sturdier construction from higher-grade materials. 

Durability increases because there is less open space between blades for sunlight to filter down and degrade the backing and roots over time. Built to stand up to activity and weather fluctuations, heavyweight turf retains its beauty and functionality for 10-15 years or longer with proper maintenance.

Choosing Products Based on Your Needs

Here at Miami Artificial Grass Pros, we take face weight and other product specifications into consideration when advising clients on the best options for their particular situations. If you primarily want soft grass for children’s play areas, we would likely recommend an ultra-high face weight over 80 ounces for plushness, realism, and durability. 

For decorative lawns that see less traffic, a 60-80 ounce weight often suffices. And even lighter 40-50 ounce grass works fine for simple applications like pet areas. We help narrow choices down based on your budget, landscape size, usage levels, and preferences.

Get a Free Consultation from the Experts!

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