Many people in South Florida are choosing synthetic turf over natural lawns for its ability to withstand extreme weather. 

Artificial grass for homes in Miami, FL does not die, turn brown or get muddy during heavy rainfall. It also drains faster and better than real grass, which reduces the risk of waterlogged and muddy backyards.

Specifically, drainage for Artificial grass for homes in Miami has the following elements:

Drainage Holes

Drainage holes allow water to pass through the synthetic fibers and into the backing material beneath them. A layer of weed-blocking fabric keeps weeds from growing up through these holes and onto the surface of your artificial grass.

Together, the drainage holes and weed fabric keep the drainage holes free for their intended function.

Backing Material

The backing material is made with a woven fabric that is designed to allow maximum water flow underneath the turf fibers. 

Backing materials can vary from non-woven fabrics to permeable woven fabrics, depending on the brand and type of turf you choose.

Gravel Sub-base

The sub-base provides a stable foundation for the artificial grass above it. It usually comes after your artificial turf installer in Miami has excavated and leveled the area.

It also provides a drainage pathway to move water out of your backyard and into your general drainage system or street drains.

The gravel used in these paths is usually washed, rounded, and graded to ensure that there are no sharp edges that could tear or puncture any part of your artificial lawn.

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Have a Thatch Layer

Another reason why artificial grass drains better than natural turf is that it doesn’t have a thatch layer. The thatch layer is the bottom part of your lawn that is made up of living and dead organic matter. This area retains moisture, which can be great for plant growth but can start to grow mold and mildew if not properly maintained.

Since artificial turf doesn’t have a thatch layer, this means there aren’t any chances for mold or mildew to grow on your lawn’s surface, leaving you with a clean and healthy lawn all year long.

Good Drainage = Sanitary Yard

A yard with good drainage is less likely to be a breeding ground for insects, diseases, and bacteria that spread illness. This is important when children play in the yard or it will become an area where mosquitoes can breed.

Moisture on your lawn’s surface also provides the perfect environment for these pests to live and multiply. Since artificial grass has better permeability and airflow than natural turf, it is less likely to become a breeding ground for these pests.

Learn More About How Artificial Grass Works

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